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So after almost 2 weeks in Koh Phangan we suddenly found it within ourselves to lose our island fever and move onwards!!! The remainder of our time in phangan was spent at the animal clinic which was an amazing experience and has heightened my belief that I want to continue working in NFP. One of the most bizarre experiences of thet rip was probably last week when Chris dug a grave for a puppy that died during surgery; it was so sad :(

So... I spent a night in Koh Phangan hospital - fear not I am grand now, but def was a bit touch and go for the night! After getting out I decided it was more sensible to leave SAlad Beach and be closer to the hospital - at the original place we were staying it was a fair old drive. So we moved closer to Thong Sala (the main port) and checked into Sea Scene - a simple but sufficent bungalow resort with stunning views... and millinos of bed g\bugs... it was awful. This probably aided our decision that it was time to move on!!! The bites were painful and the woman that ran the resort could not care less - so much for Thailand the land of smiles. We actually gave her an awful nickname - it rhymes with runt. Now I know thats possibley the worst word in the world but thats why we had to call her it - she was the most awful woman ever. She was so rude to us and acted like she was doing us a massive favour by allowing us the privilege of paying her to stay in her flea ridden resort!!! She shouted at us for not eating in her restaurant (!) and after bringing us umbrellas the night of a storm took them off us ten minutes later when we said we were going down the road to meet friends for dinner!!! She gave us permanent death stares and despite knowing that we were working at the animal clinic (as her mum lives next door to it and her brother was the clinic landlord) she pretended to have no idea what we were talking about whenever we tried to get a taxi! We only needed a taxi cos she refused to rent us bikes beacuse she said we didn't seem suitable... whatever that means. So the combinatuion of leaving Salad Beach, feeling poorly, the fleas and rhymes with runt... we moved on!

We travelled by boat from Phangan to Surat Thani which took approx. 3 hours - it was a pleasant journey - ish... we had bagged two fan side seats and left our bags by them whilst we went upstairs to watch the boat leave the port. After a while we returned to the seating deck to find that despite the entire boat being almost empty a Thai guy had nicked our seats... I was going to approach him but then he turned and his look said 'I am a drug lord who will slice you with my machete if you take a single step closer'. We quickly decided to sit (apart from our bags) in a diff set of seats lol!

After the ferry ride we took a coach into Surat Thani town where we awaited the air conditioned VIP bus we had been sold tickets for... eventually a tiny camper van type mini bus arrived which we crawled into. We were slightly cheesed off at first at having been conned but then realised we were the only 2 passengewrs to the 8 seats and that it had air con and was clean - this could be an ok journey after all! Ha - weren't we the fools for thinking so... after a short ten min trip we were transferred onto another bus of the same size but a million years older and full. We had to squeeze into the front seat (yes one seat between two) and pray we didn't die on the journey ahead. I am convinced that not only was our driver on drugs (as with most drivers here it seems) but also that he had SARS. He coughed in our faces every three seconds and I came close to whacking him several times the dirty git lol!

The drive should have taken three hours but because we had speedy gonzalez the road speed limit brekaer driving us we managed to get there in a mere 1.5 hours (we were doing over 100).

Krabi Town is ok... bit run down and grotty but fine. We stayed there just one night in a brill hotel called the Krabi River Hotel - I thoroughly recommend it if ever in Krabi Town. We had dinner at the night market and two meals plus a beer and a soda water was a nifty one pound sixty!

The next day we headed to immigration to get our visas extended (they had run out) and had to cough up 30 quid for the privilege... humph!

Then we tooka local bus for 75p each to Ao Nang - approx. 45 minutes away. It was a ten seater yet managed to take 5 Thai adults, us 2, 2 Italians, 9 chool children and 4 suitcases!!! It was an interesting drive!!!

We arrived in Ao Nang with nowhere to call home so to speak - so off to an internet cafe we trekked in search of a place to lay our heads. We are now staying at the Paradise resort which is very pretty and most importantly - bug free! The scenery here is entirely different tot eh East Coast - beautiful also but in a hugely f\diff way. There are huge mountains and limestone cliffs... tomorrow we are going to do a boat trip to Maya Bay where 'The Beach' was filmed (I am tragically very excited).

Right now I apologise for the waffling, for the inevitable typos which I am too lazy to go back and redo and also for the abrupt end... I am off to the clinic: there is only a Dr here for an hour an evening and I need to see him. I still have a fever and the shakes so I am being forced to go by Dr Chris heehee! Incidently he just got rate!his acceptance letter to Imperial for his Masters programme so tonight (health permitting) we shall celebrate.

Ooh a few things to add before I forget...

1. Thai people are either very nice or hideously rude: it is def not the land of smiles, whoever came up with that expression is a fibber
2. I have had the most amazing time... this has been a brill experience and I am so grateful to the bank of mum for helping the dream come true
3. I am proud to say I have not been to a single animal camp, nor indulged in any photos with drugged tigers and monkeys - unlike the many thousands of other Brits here who should be ashamed of themselves
4. Thai massage is the best thing ever
5. Phad Thai was my fave Thai dish before coming to Thailand.... unfortunately eating a vegetarain diet here means its pretty much the only thing I have been eating and now I wish to never set eyes on it again. This is a tragedy but sadly its true.

Adios for now.xxx

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